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Is Barron Trump Autistic?

After watching Trump’s acceptance speech the one thing that stood out to me was his son’s face. It was a blank face that I have seen many times on autistic children. Is Barron Trump Autistic? If Barron Trump is autistic then that would make a lot of sense. Trump has been very vocal about his thoughts on vaccines and autism.

Donald Trump has actually said “I’ve known people that had totally magnificent children, functioning a hundred percent, everything beautiful, smart as a whip, and they go for this shot and get this shot of this massive dose, of everything at one time, and they end up with horrible autism.”

This is an EXTREMELY controversial thing to say considering most people don’t believe that vaccines can cause autism. If Sarah Palin’s campaign ended when she said something similar then why would he risk his entire campaign to say something so outrageous? Even during the debates he said yet again that there indeed is a link between autism and vaccines.

I personally believe Barron Trump has autism. I believe Barron Trump has autism because I worked as an autism therapist for years and I developed a sense like most people that worked as autism therapists that allows me to tell if someone has mild, moderate or extreme autism. If you don’t believe me then watch Trump’s acceptance speech yourself. Why doesn’t his son smile even once? I believe that his son does not even understand what has happened. He doesn’t know that his father will be president or he doesn’t understand what being a president means. I for one would be jumping for joy if my dad became president even if I was a young boy.

This might be a blessing in disguise for two reasons. One, a president who’s son has acquired autism from vaccines is way more likely to expose the vaccine autism connection and be against the corrupt vaccine industry. Two, because the best known medicine for treating autism and it’s symptoms is cannabis oil.

I don’t think Trump is pro enough for cannabis, but if he discovers that it is the best medicine for his son he will stand up for cannabis more than any president before him. That is needed desperately. I believe Barron Trump has autism. I believe Barron Trump is autistic and as sorry as I feel for him and his father, I know that will greatly benefit the autism movement and the cannabis movement.

Just to be clear, I am not a doctor, this is just my opinion and until proven by a reputable source it can’t be known for sure if Barron Trump has autism.

UPDATE: I was literally the first person to write about it, some people called me crazy, but now major news networks are picking up the story. Check this out

If you would like to learn more about why cannabis is the best medicine in the world for Autism and many other problems then take a look at my book.



What do you think is better?

What do you think is better?
Healing yourself with nature’s medicines that are easy to make, extremely effective, very safe with negligible negative side effects OR “healing” yourself with hard to make extremely profitable, incredibly ineffective, dangerous toxic chemical “medicines” with massive amounts of horrible side effects? NATURE is better. Natural is better.

What do you think is better?
Gaining immunity from diseases the natural way by taking care of your body and consuming breastmilk as a baby which is amazingly cheap, proven to be the most effective, 100% safe with almost no negative side effects OR gaining immunity by injecting hundreds of deadly toxic vaccines into your body which are very profitable for Big Pharma, have never proven to be effective with real scientific studies, are wildly dangerous and have destroyed millions of lives? NATURE is better. Natural is better.

What do you think is better?
Using natural products for your skin, teeth, hair and body while eating natural organic foods OR constantly poisoning your body with GMO food and cleaning products that are ruining your health and making immoral companies rich? NATURE is better. Natural is better.

Being healthy is simple if your trust NATURE first. If your trust the people that care more about getting rich than keeping you healthy you will regret it.

NATURE is better. Natural is better. ALWAYS.

If you believe in God and still use “government approved” toxic products, you may want to ask yourself why you trust immoral people over mother natures’s perfect healing system.

“There were never so many able, active minds at work on the problems of diseases as now, and all their discoveries are tending to the simple truth — that you can’t improve on nature.” Thomas Edison

The Endocannabinoid System is the most important system in the whole world.

The Endocannabinoid System is the most important system in the whole world.
Those that learn about it have a great advantage.
Those that don’t know about have an extreme disadvantage.

The people that harness the healing power of the Endocannabinoid System will eventually become the healthiest, youngest looking and most enduring people to ever exist.


Cannabis cures cancer

Open your eyes. Take off that wool.

Think for a moment about what would happen one day if the cure to cancer was found. Do you think a trillion dollar industry and thousands of “cancer research” organizations would all quit their jobs and be perfectly okay with not being paid any more money for cancer fakery?
Do you think they would give up all of the profit and close all their factories and start new businesses and fire everyone? Think about how competitive the world is. If you actually think that would happen then you are too damn naive.

Of course they wouldn’t give up their profit, businesses and jobs. What are they more likely to do? Attack the cancer cure and make sure no one knows about it so that they can keep everything as it is so that they can keep on profiting from the most profitable health problem on Earth.

Why do people lobby if they know its bad? Its extremely profitable. Corporations lobby the people in government because that is one of the most profitable decisions that they could make for their whole business so they trade their integrity for that. Pharmaceutical companies lobbying the government is the most dangerous type of lobbying because it is our very own health that they are throwing under the bus when they do this.

Why do you think the United States is one of only two countries in the world where it is legal to show commercials of pharmaceuticals on TV? Why do you think medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States? Why do you think the US spends more on healthcare than other high-income nations, but still has lower life expectancy and worse health? Connect the dots. The people of United States and many people around the world are being ripped off.

If you can’t see how a corrupt medical system is sabotaging all of us then you seriously need to do some research to remove that god damn wool from your eyes! You can’t see the truth until you remove the lies that deny the truth and the truth is that cannabis is the number one threat to the 10 trillion dollar annual wellness industry because it solves so many health problems so rapidly, efficiently and cheaply and prevents most health problems from occurring in the first place and that makes making a profit from healing extremely difficult. Do you think the wellness industry wants trillions of easy profit or millions of difficult to get profit?

What I am saying is that some people in the US government and the wellness industry on Earth have knowingly kept many people sick, made many people more sick and killed people with “legal medical practices and safe pharmaceuticals” all in order to make ludicrous amounts of money. Welcome to reality. Welcome to the truth about cannabis, healing and life.

On another topic, I have been busy trying to provide for my family so I haven’t had time to blog as much. As soon as I have free time I will be posting more and finishing the sequel to my novel Cannabis Paradise.

Bernie Sanders is the most creatonic presidential candidate

In order to understand the title here are a couple of definitions.

Creawheel (noun) a symbolic wheel that turns every time something good happens, something helpful happens or a problem is solved.

Destruwheel (noun) a symbolic wheel that turns every time something bad happens, something harmful happens or a problem is born.

Crea (noun) is any living being that is creatonic, anyone that has positive intentions and has succeeded at doing more good than bad.

Creatonic (adjective) is crea-like, having positive intentions and the ability to turn the creawheel more than the destruwheel.

Bernie Sanders has been speaking up about government corruption a lot and he has been standing up for cannabis more than any other politician so that makes him in my opinion by far the most creatonic presidential candidate. If he becomes president then there will be bright days ahead.

These words were created to accurately understand morality in my novel “Cannabis Paradise”. You can read reviews of my book here.

The Top Ten Reasons that You are Confused about Cannabis’s Effects

If you believed everything that scientists have said about cannabis then you would believe that cannabis causes cancer AND cures cancer, cannabis causes violent fits of vomiting AND stops violent fits of vomiting, cannabis kills brain cells AND heals brain cells, cannabis causes schizophrenia AND treats schizophrenia, cannabis permanently worsens your memory AND improves your memory, cannabis makes you lazy AND makes you work hard and cannabis makes you dumber AND makes you smarter. Does anyone see a pattern here? If you try to put this data together like a puzzle to understand cannabis you will see that some of the information about cannabis that comes from scientists just doesn’t fit together. Here are the top ten reasons that you are confused about cannabis’s effects.

  1. Big Pharma doesn’t want you using cannabis
  2. Some scientists are being paid to make bogus scientific studies about cannabis
  3. There are thousands of different strains of cannabis and they all have different effects
  4. The US government has been lobbied to stop scientific studies that show cannabis has medical effects
  5. A dramatic false article headline about cannabis gets more attention than a truthful headline
  6. Some people want to rain on cannabis’s medical parade
  7. There is no 100% reliable way to use science to prove a medical statement is true (The FDA is corrupt)
  8. There are few reliable places to learn about cannabis’s real effects
  9. Talking about cannabis’s real effects could damage your reputation if you are a doctor, a politician or a scientist
  10. Cognitive dissonance stops people from believing cannabis’s medical properties

I could write an entire book explaining these ten reasons in detail so I can’t explain all of them in just one blog post. I will write a detailed blog post for each reason in the next couple of weeks to explain all of them.

Peter, an aspiring creapoint* billionaire
*Creapoint (noun) a point that is used to measure the amount of positive occurrences.
If you want to learn more about the leading edge medical properties of cannabis and about the vocabulary that I created for morality then read my book “Cannabis Paradise: Cognitive Dissonance”. If you want to read the most complete medical cannabis book ever written so that you can understand medical cannabis in detail then you will like my other book “Cannabis: The Key to Becoming Nigh-Immortal”. Both books are available on all major e-book stores.

The time that I saved my dog’s life with cannabis

A couple years ago my dog named Hercules got really sick. He was usually a very active and hyper dog, but one day he stayed in his bed the whole day. When we called him to us he would try to get up, but he didn’t have the strength to stand. He refused to eat or drink anything. He just stayed in his doggy bed the whole day. The next day he was worse and he couldn’t even lift his head up. He kept whimpering and my whole family expected the worse. We searched online for a health problem that might match how he was acting. The internet said that he may have had a stroke, heart attack or maybe he had a blood clot. It wasn’t clear what was wrong with him, but the internet highly recommended that we give him an anti-inflammatory drug. We couldn’t give him any liquid or solid anti-inflammatory because he kept his mouth shut and growled when we tried to put anything into his mouth.

He barely had his eyes open that night and he refused any type of delicious food or any water that we put in front of him. We talked about it as a family and we agreed that this was probably going to be his last night with us. That is when I got the idea to try to use cannabis to give him the anti-inflammatory that he needed. Even though we couldn’t get him to eat, drink or open his mouth without him growling menacingly at us, I knew that there was a way to get him to consume an anti-inflammatory via the air. I was aware at the time of cannabis’s amazing anti-inflammatory effects.

So I picked up his doggy bed and put it under a little tent fort. Then I brought in a vaporizer that was packed with cannabis. I put my hand on his stomach to detect when he was inhaling. Then I took in huge puffs of vaporized cannabis and blew it at his face whenever he inhaled air. The tent fort kept all of the vaporized medicine inside of the enclosed area for extra healing. I did this for thirty minutes and the whole time I didn’t notice him improve at all. Instead he closed his eyes to sleep and I thought that he was about to die, but forty minutes later he woke up, walked out of his doggy bed, drank a lot of water and ate a huge meal. After that cannabis treatment he acted like he had been completely cured.

It took an hour for the effects to kick in, but immediately afterward he was back to his frisky energetic self. My family was not aware that he had received a medical cannabis treatment and they were in shock that there almost dead dog was drinking, eating and back to his normal self. This memory really cemented into my mind how cannabis could help you save your pet’s lives and how it could help you take care of your loved ones. Cannabis allowed me to get an anti-inflammatory medicine into my stubborn dog’s body and it saved his life. Later on I told my family what I had done and they agreed that he would definitely have died without that medical cannabis treatment.

I love cannabis for so many reasons, but I love it mostly because it gives me the power to protect, heal and save my loved ones.

Peter, an aspiring creapoint* billionaire
*Creapoint (noun) a point that is used to measure the amount of positive occurrences.
If you want to learn more about the leading edge medical properties of cannabis and about the vocabulary that I created for morality then read my book “Cannabis Paradise: Cognitive Dissonance”. It’s available on amazon and all major e-book stores.