What is my program? It’s simple.


My three step plan

Teach people about the medical properties of cannabis.

Harness cannabis’s medical power for the masses.

Thrive in the paradise that ensues.

Most of the people in the world have been underestimating the medical properties of cannabis because many of those that were in the know about the plant’s real medical powers, have kept it a secret. Cannabis medicine can super charge our body’s healing system. My goal is to educate the world about the medical properties of cannabis. Worldwide education about cannabis tremendously benefits everyone on earth.

Cannabis is a powerful plant. What would happen if we harnessed it’s medical power for the masses? What would happen if everyone had the opportunity to heal their bodies with the most powerful medicine on Earth? I think cannabis has a lot of healing to do. People are dying and suffering and cannabis can help them. I want to do everything I can to highlight the idea of harnessing all of that really powerful cannabis medical power for the masses. I love the idea of a society that subsidizes free medicine cannabis oil for each citizens. That is the best way that political systems can protect their people, by healing them.

The people who’s lives were saved with cannabis, what great things would they do for humanity? If a collective of people created a society that allowed for each citizen to reach their full health then that society would be very paradisiacal. I would love to live in a society like that. I believe we are already heading there, but I want to accelerate the process. Why wait for cannabis paradise to be created in 2300 when it can be created in 2020? Cannabis has a track record that is thousands of years long and the last time I checked, it’s been proven to be as safe as breast milk while also being proven to be an amazingly effective medicine with a shockingly high amount of different uses. I think it’s time we trust the plant and move towards healing the world.


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