Applying the vocabulary of the Mathematics of Morality to politics

Power and money generally speaking magnify people’s behaviors. That is why politicians with bad intentions almost always become destrus and politicians with good intentions almost always become creas. I am not an expert on every person running for president, but I strongly believe that Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are the most destruvir presidential candidates. Hillary and Chris are people that are so ugly inside and out. They have scored so many destrupoints and if they become president you can count on them having an extremely destrupointy presidency.

On the other hand I believe there are a handful of creatonic people running for president. From my perspective it is crystal clear that Rand Paul, Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders are all creas. These people have very positive intentions and have succeeded at doing more good for the world than bad. I am especially excited about Bernie Sanders because his stance on cannabis is extremely creatonic and he actually has a chance of becoming president. If he became president I predict that a very creatonic future will be produced. Bernie Sanders can grab that creawheel and turn it faster than any other president before him. Bernie sanders can create more creality than any other presidential candidate because of his creatonic stance on cannabis.

I hope this blog is helping people to understand the importance of the vocabulary in the mathematics of morality. I created these words in order to discuss morality with precision and efficiency. Right now the future of the United States looks bright. I am hopeful about the cannabis industry. Rick Simpson, the leader on the creapoint leaderboard in the world, is reading my book and considering promoting it on facebook. I believe my book can score millions of creapoints if it’s just given a chance. Rick Simpson is a billionaire creapoint holder and I believe if he promotes my book “Cannabis Paradise” then millions of creapoints will be scored.


Peter, an aspiring creapoint billionaire


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