Why GW Pharmaceuticals Counts on You Being Uneducated to Sell You its Garbage Cannabis-Based Medicine. This is an Epilepsy Blogpost.

Pharmaceutical companies have a big problem with medical cannabis. There are too many chemical compounds in it so they can’t patent the whole plant, but the plant creates way better medicine than what any pharmaceutical company can make. So what do they do?

They trash talk the plant while they patent individual medical chemical compounds in order to make very weak cannabis medicine. First pharmaceutical companies were like “Cannabis is so bad for you! It gives you lung problems and cancer! We are the heroes because we take the medicinal parts of cannabis out so that you dont have to harm yourself with the harmful side of cannabis!”.

Then people edcuated themselves and learned that those were lies and cannabis does not cause cancer or lung problems. So they changed their strategy and started saying “Smoking cannabis is 20 times more harmful than tobacco! We are the heroes because we make cannabis pharmaceuticals so that you don’t have to smoke the plant and harm yourself!”.

Then people educated themselves and learned that those were more lies and cannabis flowers can be eaten, applied topically and vaporized so that you can benefit from its medical properties without smoking it. So the pharmaceutical companies have changed their strategy again and now they are saying “But cannabis gets you high! So we are the heroes because we take out the horrible high from the plant so that you can use the medicine without getting high!”.

Now people are educating themselves to the fact that there are many ways to avoid getting high if you don’t like the high. Any cannabis strain that you eat without heating it up first will not get you high. Many cannabis strains won’t get you high even if you do heat them up. You can also gain a tolerance to intoxicating strains when they are heated up. You can do that even to the point where they don’t get you high anymore because your tolerance is so high. So people are learning that pharmaceutical companies are just trying to get you to stop using medical cannabis because they don’t profit from a plant that you can grow in your yard and instead they want you to buy their extremely profitable drugs.

I am going to use one of GW Pharmaceuticals’s drugs and compare it to the whole plant medicine. The main ingredient in Epidiolex is CBD(Cannabidiol). Epidiolex is being used to stop seizures because of CBD’s anti-epileptic properties. Do you know why Epidiolex stops some seizures and why cannabis oil made from the whole plant stops all seizures? You just need to compare the ingredients. If you want to stop seizures which medicine would you choose?

Epidiolex with CBD that is anti-epileptic and anti-convulsant. Or….
Cannabis oil with CBD that is anti-epileptic and anti-convulsant, THC that is antispasmodic, anti-epileptic and anti-tremor, CBG that is anti-epileptic, THCa that is anti-epileptic and antispasmodic, CBN that is antispasmodic and anti-epileptic,
THCV that is anti-epileptic, CBDV that is anti-epileptic, Linalool that is enti-epileptic and Myrcene that is antispasmodic.

Cannabis oil has over 100 medical chemical compounds in it that all synergistically heal your body in every way and it has nine medical chemical compounds for stopping seizures. No wonder cannabis oil stops ALL seizures and Epidiolex stops only some seizures. If you want to stop seizures nine medical chemical compounds that are great for stopping seizures are always going to be better than just one medical chemical compound for stopping seizures.

So what do you prefer? Cheap medicine that you can grow in your yard for free and can stop all of your seizures OR GW Pharmaceuticals’s drug which costs hundreds of dollars and only stops some seizures?

Pharmaceutical companies love to pretend that they are the heroes by dramatically reducing the medical effectiveness of cannabis medicine and selling it back to you for 100 times the price. I have no respect for pharmaceutical companies that lobby the US government to keep medical cannabis illegal, while they water down the medical effectiveness of the plant and try to rip people off by selling garbage overpriced medicine back to the customer.

A day will come when almost everyone sees through Big Pharma’s lies and stops buying their crap. I hope that day arrives soon.

Peter, an aspiring creapoint* billionaire

*Creapoint (noun) a point that is used to measure the amount of positive occurrences.

If you want to learn more about the cutting edge medical properties of cannabis and about the vocabulary that I created for morality then read my book “Cannabis Paradise: Cognitive Dissonance”. It’s available on amazon and all major e-book stores.


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