Cannabis cures diabetes! Here is the detailed explanation of how it cures diabetes.


Today I want to talk about using cannabis oil to cure diabetes. Smoking a bowl of cannabis will never cure anything, but orally consuming 60 to 300 grams of whole extract cannabis oil over a period of 2 to 6 months has shown to cure many health problems, including diabetes. There are different types of diabetes and depending on how long you have had diabetes the amount of cannabis oil needed to cure it will vary. The three main types of diabetes are Diabetes 1, Diabetes 2 and Gestational Diabetes. The medical society loves treating people with diabetes by using pharmaceuticals and insulin. They don’t want you to be cured because then they can’t profit from your health problem anymore.


People have cured their diabetes with cannabis oil, but the longer you have had the diabetes the more you will need to eat a healthy diet and continue orally consuming cannabis oil. I recommend eating as much cannabis oil per day as you can afford and take without getting too intoxicated. The max amount of cannabis oil a human can eat per day varies from 3 to 5 grams depending on the person. If they eat more they won’t be harmed, but they might get diarrhea. I believe the more cannabis oil you can get into your system per day the better. Especially if you are trying to cure something.

The human body does have powerful regenerative abilities if its given the right tools to heal. I will first explain how cannabis oil cures diabetes with more medical terms, then I will explain in layman’s terms. Cannabis oil has many medical chemical compounds in it. The ones that I will be focusing on now are the cannabinoids. Presence of cannabinoids (THC/CBD) in liver increases production of Treg cells. Treg cells protect the beta-islets in the pancreas. Presently, the only way to replace missing endogenous cannabinoids is via the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. All living creatures contain cannabinoids. What is interesting is that humans and the cannabis plant have cannabinoids that are of identical shape and function. Indirectly, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has actually proven cannabis cures diabetes. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has proven that increasing Treg cell count cures diabetes and also that THC increases Treg cell count significantly.


Here is another explanation: Diabetes stems from a pancreas being damaged to the point to where it does not produce enough insulin or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin. In the case of the pancreas being the problem, cannabis oil can restore your pancreas to full health so that it can properly create enough insulin. If the cells are the problem then the cannabinoids heal the cell and signal them to start working properly again.

Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Ph.D. has been the Member of Scientific Advisor Board at Cannabis Science, Inc. since June 2014. Dr. Melamede served as a Scientific Advisor of New Colombia Resources, Inc. since April 22, 2014. He also serves as a Scientific Advisor for Cannabis Therapeutics as well as a variety other of state dispensaries and marijuana patient advocacy groups. According to Dr. Robert the Endocannabinoid System is a multi-scaled, global homeostatic regulator of every cell in our body.

This has been proven to be true considering that scientists have discovered that medical chemical compounds in cannabis help all 210 cell types in our body function more effectively. What this means is that people who have used high amounts of cannabis oil in combination with proper diets have had their inner organs completely rejuvenated. Cannabis oil is excellent at rejuvenating the pancreas.

Many people have been posting youtube videos and pictures of their cancer being cured with cannabis oil. Unfortunately very few of the people who have cured their diabetes with cannabis oil have been vocal about it on the internet. I am writing this blog post to encourage people with diabetes to cure their diabetes with cannabis oil and then make videos or write articles about it. The world needs to know what cannabis oil is capable of.

Rick Simpson talked about cannabis oil curing diabetes in his book “Nature’s Answer for Cancer”. He talks about the people that have been cured with cannabis oil and how not all of the people who used cannabis oil were able to completely stop using insulin. As of now no one knows if that is because the people who weren’t completely cured used too little cannabis oil or if their diet was so bad that it prevented the full healing that was needed. We need more people to make videos like this.

In that video the man lets the world know that he has been completely cured of diabetes by using high amounts of cannabis. Completely curing your diabetes is infinitely better than buying insulin or pharmaceuticals for the rest of your life. Please go ahead and cure your diabetes. Then please help others by letting everyone know that it DOES work. I am really passionate about teaching people about the medical properties of cannabis. That is why I wrote my educational cannabis novel “Cannabis Paradise” to teach people about the most advanced science on the medical chemical compounds in cannabis.

Peter, an aspiring creapoint* billionaire
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