The time that I saved my dog’s life with cannabis

A couple years ago my dog named Hercules got really sick. He was usually a very active and hyper dog, but one day he stayed in his bed the whole day. When we called him to us he would try to get up, but he didn’t have the strength to stand. He refused to eat or drink anything. He just stayed in his doggy bed the whole day. The next day he was worse and he couldn’t even lift his head up. He kept whimpering and my whole family expected the worse. We searched online for a health problem that might match how he was acting. The internet said that he may have had a stroke, heart attack or maybe he had a blood clot. It wasn’t clear what was wrong with him, but the internet highly recommended that we give him an anti-inflammatory drug. We couldn’t give him any liquid or solid anti-inflammatory because he kept his mouth shut and growled when we tried to put anything into his mouth.

He barely had his eyes open that night and he refused any type of delicious food or any water that we put in front of him. We talked about it as a family and we agreed that this was probably going to be his last night with us. That is when I got the idea to try to use cannabis to give him the anti-inflammatory that he needed. Even though we couldn’t get him to eat, drink or open his mouth without him growling menacingly at us, I knew that there was a way to get him to consume an anti-inflammatory via the air. I was aware at the time of cannabis’s amazing anti-inflammatory effects.

So I picked up his doggy bed and put it under a little tent fort. Then I brought in a vaporizer that was packed with cannabis. I put my hand on his stomach to detect when he was inhaling. Then I took in huge puffs of vaporized cannabis and blew it at his face whenever he inhaled air. The tent fort kept all of the vaporized medicine inside of the enclosed area for extra healing. I did this for thirty minutes and the whole time I didn’t notice him improve at all. Instead he closed his eyes to sleep and I thought that he was about to die, but forty minutes later he woke up, walked out of his doggy bed, drank a lot of water and ate a huge meal. After that cannabis treatment he acted like he had been completely cured.

It took an hour for the effects to kick in, but immediately afterward he was back to his frisky energetic self. My family was not aware that he had received a medical cannabis treatment and they were in shock that there almost dead dog was drinking, eating and back to his normal self. This memory really cemented into my mind how cannabis could help you save your pet’s lives and how it could help you take care of your loved ones. Cannabis allowed me to get an anti-inflammatory medicine into my stubborn dog’s body and it saved his life. Later on I told my family what I had done and they agreed that he would definitely have died without that medical cannabis treatment.

I love cannabis for so many reasons, but I love it mostly because it gives me the power to protect, heal and save my loved ones.

Peter, an aspiring creapoint* billionaire
*Creapoint (noun) a point that is used to measure the amount of positive occurrences.
If you want to learn more about the leading edge medical properties of cannabis and about the vocabulary that I created for morality then read my book “Cannabis Paradise: Cognitive Dissonance”. It’s available on amazon and all major e-book stores.

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