The Top Ten Reasons that You are Confused about Cannabis’s Effects

If you believed everything that scientists have said about cannabis then you would believe that cannabis causes cancer AND cures cancer, cannabis causes violent fits of vomiting AND stops violent fits of vomiting, cannabis kills brain cells AND heals brain cells, cannabis causes schizophrenia AND treats schizophrenia, cannabis permanently worsens your memory AND improves your memory, cannabis makes you lazy AND makes you work hard and cannabis makes you dumber AND makes you smarter. Does anyone see a pattern here? If you try to put this data together like a puzzle to understand cannabis you will see that some of the information about cannabis that comes from scientists just doesn’t fit together. Here are the top ten reasons that you are confused about cannabis’s effects.

  1. Big Pharma doesn’t want you using cannabis
  2. Some scientists are being paid to make bogus scientific studies about cannabis
  3. There are thousands of different strains of cannabis and they all have different effects
  4. The US government has been lobbied to stop scientific studies that show cannabis has medical effects
  5. A dramatic false article headline about cannabis gets more attention than a truthful headline
  6. Some people want to rain on cannabis’s medical parade
  7. There is no 100% reliable way to use science to prove a medical statement is true (The FDA is corrupt)
  8. There are few reliable places to learn about cannabis’s real effects
  9. Talking about cannabis’s real effects could damage your reputation if you are a doctor, a politician or a scientist
  10. Cognitive dissonance stops people from believing cannabis’s medical properties

I could write an entire book explaining these ten reasons in detail so I can’t explain all of them in just one blog post. I will write a detailed blog post for each reason in the next couple of weeks to explain all of them.

Peter, an aspiring creapoint* billionaire
*Creapoint (noun) a point that is used to measure the amount of positive occurrences.
If you want to learn more about the leading edge medical properties of cannabis and about the vocabulary that I created for morality then read my book “Cannabis Paradise: Cognitive Dissonance”. If you want to read the most complete medical cannabis book ever written so that you can understand medical cannabis in detail then you will like my other book “Cannabis: The Key to Becoming Nigh-Immortal”. Both books are available on all major e-book stores.

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