Cannabis cures cancer

Open your eyes. Take off that wool.

Think for a moment about what would happen one day if the cure to cancer was found. Do you think a trillion dollar industry and thousands of “cancer research” organizations would all quit their jobs and be perfectly okay with not being paid any more money for cancer fakery?
Do you think they would give up all of the profit and close all their factories and start new businesses and fire everyone? Think about how competitive the world is. If you actually think that would happen then you are too damn naive.

Of course they wouldn’t give up their profit, businesses and jobs. What are they more likely to do? Attack the cancer cure and make sure no one knows about it so that they can keep everything as it is so that they can keep on profiting from the most profitable health problem on Earth.

Why do people lobby if they know its bad? Its extremely profitable. Corporations lobby the people in government because that is one of the most profitable decisions that they could make for their whole business so they trade their integrity for that. Pharmaceutical companies lobbying the government is the most dangerous type of lobbying because it is our very own health that they are throwing under the bus when they do this.

Why do you think the United States is one of only two countries in the world where it is legal to show commercials of pharmaceuticals on TV? Why do you think medical bills are the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States? Why do you think the US spends more on healthcare than other high-income nations, but still has lower life expectancy and worse health? Connect the dots. The people of United States and many people around the world are being ripped off.

If you can’t see how a corrupt medical system is sabotaging all of us then you seriously need to do some research to remove that god damn wool from your eyes! You can’t see the truth until you remove the lies that deny the truth and the truth is that cannabis is the number one threat to the 10 trillion dollar annual wellness industry because it solves so many health problems so rapidly, efficiently and cheaply and prevents most health problems from occurring in the first place and that makes making a profit from healing extremely difficult. Do you think the wellness industry wants trillions of easy profit or millions of difficult to get profit?

What I am saying is that some people in the US government and the wellness industry on Earth have knowingly kept many people sick, made many people more sick and killed people with “legal medical practices and safe pharmaceuticals” all in order to make ludicrous amounts of money. Welcome to reality. Welcome to the truth about cannabis, healing and life.

On another topic, I have been busy trying to provide for my family so I haven’t had time to blog as much. As soon as I have free time I will be posting more and finishing the sequel to my novel Cannabis Paradise.


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